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NordicTrack Clear Vinyl Fitness Equipment Floor Mat, 3’ x 6’

Protect your floors and fitness equipment with the NordicTrack Clear Vinyl Fitness Equipment Floor Mat. Having access to exercise equipment in your home can be a huge benefit for your personal health, but you shouldn't’ have to sacrifice your flooring to stay fit. The NordicTrack Clear Vinyl Floor Mat is built to withstand the burden of heavy equipment during repeated use. Vinyl construction provides superior protection beneath treadmills, exercise bikes, weight benches, elliptical machines, steppers, and more. Measuring 3-feet by 6-feet, this floor mat will provide maximum coverage to protect your flooring from scrapes and scratches, reduce noise, vibration, and add shock absorption. This mat is easily portable; it can conveniently roll up and transport to wherever your workout is. You can also utilize your NordicTrack Floor Mat for floor exercises and stretching, maximizing your space and getting the most bang for your buck. Exercise mats also prevent your machine’s motor from sucking in carpet dust as you train, promoting prolonged equipment life.