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1.1m Yoga Daisy Rope Yoga Swing Hammock Extension Strap Aerial Yoga Inversion Exercise Hammock Extension Strap Mountain Climbing High-altitude Working Rope

Please note, this item ships from an international seller. Expected delivery is 10-15 days. International ShippingThis is a durable and professional daisy rope with high bearing capacity for aerial yoga practicing. The super strong extension rope is suitable for all yoga learners, and the supreme strength allows it to be used in all kinds of high-altitude activities. In all, this is a versatile and practical strap perfect for yoga learners. Features: Made of super strong and durable high-strength polyester fiber, hard to break.Maximum bearing capacity is up to 1500kg / 1.5t , and 300kg / 0.3t for each single loop, secure and reliable.Thickened double-layer daisy rope is more wearing resistant and with higher bearing capacity.Made by exquisite workmanship, with smooth surface and higher strength.Professional daisy rope for aerial yoga practicing, good for shaping and building your body.Versatile rope suitable applied in all kinds of high-altitude activities like mountain climbing, rappelling, cave rescuing and other high-altitude working. Specifications: Material: Polyester FiberColor: Red / Silvery (Optional)Length : 1.1m / 43.3inMax. Bearings: 1500kg / 1.5tPackage Weight: 96g / 3.38ozPackage Size: 11 * 16 * 5cm / 4.3 * 6.2 * 1.9in Package List: 1 * Extension Strap