Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap - Aqua

Increase your flexibility faster and make greater strides in your yoga practice with the ProsourceFit D-Ring Yoga Strap. The 8-foot long strap is perfect for any user, even tall users who need more length with their stretching strap. It provides assistance with reaching further during stretches so you can get a deeper and more effective stretch with proper form to avoid injury. Using the yoga belt helps maintain proper form during yoga, extending your reach and making difficult poses more attainable. It allows you to stay aligned and balanced, preventing muscle strain in poses like dancer’s pose, boat pose, headstands, and hand-to-foot poses. Stability from the strap also allows you to hold those poses longer for greater strength and endurance. You can also use it for daily stretching after or between workouts to help increase range of motion, mobility and reduce pain from tight muscles. Perfect for seated or standing stretches and exercises, over-head and behind-the-back shoulder stretches, front and back of thigh stretches, and hip openers. The high-tensile weave is strong and maintains its shape while providing resistance for repeated stretches and poses. The durable D-ring metal buckle holds the strap securely and makes adjustments easy. It’s a perfect workout companion! For questions or concerns, please contact customer service: (855) 552-2637. We are open Monday - Friday from 8:30AM - 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time
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12,90 €
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Description Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap - Aqua:EASIER YOGA POSES - Assists with holding yoga poses longer and with less discom-fort as you work to increase flexibility and strengthSTRETCHING ASSISTANCE - Ideal for stretching and improving mobility, helping you safely reach further than you could on your ownSTURDY BUCKLE - The non-slip D-ring metal buckle is sturdier than plastic


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